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Unique estate in Zakynthos

Mahairado, Zakynthos, Ionian Islands
For Sale

Beautiful estate with olive trees and vineyard.


Comoutos estate has been regarded as a unique magical place for almost 500 hundred years due to its unique history and geography. It is considered the most aristocratic winery in Zakynthos, if not the whole Ionian Sea, the Comoutos Estate is situated within Agria Estate, a property that dates back to 1638, making it the oldest winery in Greece. Comoutos estate is located at Mahairado in Zakynthos Island 5 km from the capital of Zakynthos and the sea, and 7 km from the international airport.

Brief History of the family and the land:

Τhe beginning of the Comoutos family in Zakynthos is lost somewhere in the 15th century during the years of the Byzantine Empire. After the fall of Konstantinople in 1453, the Comoutos family seek refuge in Methoni. East of Peloponnese -South of Greece and then in Zakynthos. Zakynthos -the southernmost of the Ionian islands- has been known by its Italian name “Zante”, “II fioro di Levante” or the “Flower of the East” and has been the residential location of choice, especially for the Venetian aristocrats. Dimitrios Comoutos, the brave and most promising of the family’s descendants, was placed in command of the Zakynthian“galera”, -the island’s contribution to the Christian fleet- and took part in the battle of Nafpactos (Lepante) against the Turkish, fleet in 1571. Upon his triumphant return he brought the lion’s statuette from the baw of a Turkish flagship. Antony Count Comoutos (1803-1807) was the governor- “Prince” of the Ionian Islands, president of the Parliament, of the first independent Greek nation. During his authority, the Greek language was recognized as the formal language of the Greeks, otherwise the Venetian language would be spoken. Nikolaos Antony Comoutos (1922-1990) was the epitomy of this great family. He was also the first of the family due to his scientific persistence, to make the excellent traditional wines of Zante, Verdea, Rouge and Rose in our «Agria» estate. Helen Comoutos (1930-2015) along with a staff of specialized and experienced scientists continued the huge tradition in producing the most excellent and exquisite wines and organic extra virgin olive oil.


Zakynthos is the most southern of the Ionian Islands and one of the most popular Greek islands. The island has three distinct geographical areas: the northwest is mountainous with quaint traditional mountain villages, the central region is a fertile plain rich with olive groves and vineyards and the southeast is characterised by beautiful beaches. Rich in beauty and tradition, both historical and cultural, Zakynthos, or Zante as it is also called, is the "ideal" of any traveller.


At Mahairado village

5 km from Zakynthos town and port

7 km from Zante International Airport

1h flight from Athens International Airport

1h boat ride from Kyllini (80 km south of the port of Patras)

Land plot of 379,600 sqm with olive trees and vineyard
1,833 sqm buildings (storehouses of olive oil and wine, winery, cellar, 4 houses)
Church of the family, Wells
Old, unique Greek varieties of vineyard
8,000 of 50 years old olive trees “Koroneiki”
1,833 m2
Freehold, Plot Size 379600m2