Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Savills plc is focused on climate-related risks and working together with its clients, suppliers and the local communities on which its operations impact to deliver a more sustainable future.

The Group’s sustainability strategy aims to achieve a positive impact on the environment and society, whilst maintaining robust governance measures. We have aligned our Group business strategy with 9 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  • Good Health & Wellbeing - our goal is to provide healthy workplaces, encourage healthy lifestyles and raise awareness of mental health & wellbeing
  • Quality Education - we aim to create opportunities for growth and development for our people and within the communities that we impact
  • Gender Equality - we actively promote gender equality and aim to create a diverse and inclusive environment for all
  • Affordable & Clean Energy - we aim to maximise energy efficiency, minimise carbon emissions and work continuously towards net zero carbon targets globally
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth - we are committed to operating responsibly and providing fair, safe and diverse workplaces
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities - we work with government, national and local communities to create sustainable places
  • Responsible Consumption and Production - we seek to reduce our environmental impacts through active operational management and responsible procurement
  • Climate Action - work continuously to reduce carbon emissions and remain aligned to TCFD (Task Force for Climate Related Disclosure)
  • Life On Land - we expect our suppliers to operate responsibly and seek to protect biodiversity and ecosystems.


ESG Key performance highlights

We are targeting improvements based on delivering against 9 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Aim to maximise energy efficiency, minimise carbon emissions and work continuously towards net zero carbon targets globally.
Aligned to Task Force for Climate Related Disclosure (TCFD).

Key performance highlights:

  • In 2020 our global GHG emissions fell further to 7,169 tonnes CO2e, an 11.9% decrease, notwithstanding the extension of the scope of our data collection to 285 offices from 282 offices in 2019, a step in the right direction towards our net zero goals
  • Recognised on Financial Times's inaugural list of European Climate Leaders 2021
  • US have 18 LEED or Energy Star certified office spaces
  • UK Shortlisted for EG Sustainability awards 2021
  • UK Savills offices now has 85% on electricity from renewable sources

We are committed to fostering a responsible work culture and to help our people reach their full potential.
Diverse Board meets recommendations of Hampton-Alexander review on gender diversity and Parker Review on ethnic diversity.
Six active diversity and inclusion focus areas: Ethnicity, Gender, LGBTQ+, Age, Disability and Socio Economic.

Key performance highlights:

  • UK - 15th Times graduate of the year awards UK
  • Asia Pac – Launch new employee welfare scheme
  • New Diversity and Inclusion groups set at a regional level
  • Regional targets to improve further on gender diversity

Zero tolerance approach to:

  • Financial Crime and other forms of corruption
  • Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking
  • Harassment, bullying, racism, sexism and other discrimination

Mandatory annual training for all employees: AML, Code of Conduct, Security and Data, Anti-Corruption.

Key performance highlights:

  • Zero occurrences reported
  • High standards of governance maintained
  • Mandatory annual staff training rolled out
  • Group policies communicated and applied globally