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Beautiful farm into the green

Megali Panagia, Halkidiki
For Sale
€ 1,100,000

Beautiful farm set in a space of green land-marked by a natural aquatic pathway with a native plane-tree forest.    


This property  is an agricultural farm located in the area of Halkidiki, close to Mount Athos. Spread across 30,000 square feet, with a river running along its lines, it’s surrounded by  the green land creating a unique landscape where the stone build guesthouses and restaurant are built. The buildings follow the traditional architecture of the area in Halkidiki, which was the primary influence behind everything, utilizing stones from the area and dark wood. It features  4 rooms, each around 50sq meters, with balconies overlooking the hills. The restaurant is 200 sqm surrounded by 300 sqm of open area.There are stables for the animals, ranch for horses, an outdoor pavilion around a rock garden (pool area), vegetables gardens and a greenhouse. Plus, another piece of land available (28,000 sqm) and completely untouched that can be used. This proprety has been functioning as an agricultural farm for some years now and has managed to make a name for itself in that field.


Chalkidiki, which is characterised by many as the hidden paradise of Greece, is an area with excellent climate conditions as there are more than 300 days of sunshine annually. At the same time, its extensive coastline and sandy beaches of unique beauty render the area as the ultimate tourist destination. Of the three prayers which Chalkidiki sends out into the blue Aegean, one extends deeper than the others, into the heart of the sea, that being the lush peninsula of Sithonia. A truly blessed place. A rugged coastline of golden beaches, vision of indescribable beauty, painted in exquisite colors from the palette of nature herself, surrounding the mountain of Itamos, also known as the ‘quiet mountain’. The coastline of Sithonia extends over a total length of 200km, offering remarkable variations and contrasts of rocks and bays, peaks and coves, sand and pine. Authentic natural beauty, a traditional adherence to the calm pace of Mediterranean life, with a mod-ern tourist infrastructure bringing with it the genuine qualities of hospitality and fine taste of the local people as well a direct connection to the lasting innocence of Greek nature and civilization – these are the qualities which make Sithonia.


0,5 km from Pirgadikia beach

1 km from Arnaia

70 km from Thessaloniki

63 km from the nearest airport

800 sqm built area
30,000 sqm ground land plot
4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms
800 m2
Freehold, Plot Size 30000m2