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High-end residences with swimming pools

Leonidi, Peloponnese
For Sale
€ 300,000

Three houses have already been constructed and are ready for sale.


Each planned land plot of 4,300 sq m, allows for the construction of one of several combinations of the 3 proposed villa types. The three types have a total built area of (a) 205 sqm, (b) 150 sqm and (c) 115 sqm. Their private land plots would be 2,000 sqm, 1,300 sqm and 1,000 sqm respectively. Types (a) and (b) have private pools, while type (c) has a shared pool between every two villas. Additionally, two villas of 75 sqm and one of 100 sqm, 3 studios of 50 sqm each and 50 sqm of auxiliary areas have already been built. 

The offered villas are delivered “living-ready”, classified as touristic residences, and are divided into three types: Type A covers a total area of 180 sqm of main use and 25 sqm of basement space, arranged in 3-4 levels, with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Type B villas offer 136 sqm of main use areas arranged in 3 levels, plus 15 sqm of auxiliary spaces, and have 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms each. Type C covers 117 sqm in total, of 15 are auxiliary spaces, and includes 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in 3 main levels. Other Villa attributes include high tech entertainment, environmental friendly environment, internet/wifi connectivity, alarm systems, air to water heat pumps, Air-conditioning, and minimum 2 parking spaces per villa. These specifications and attributes will be finalized during the final design stage.

Price list:

€520,000 for type A: 205 sq.m. with private pool

€380,000 for type B: 150 sq.m. with private pool

€300,000 for type C: 115 sqm with pool shared between two villas


Arcadia stands in the centre of the Peloponnese and is a closed land, all mountains and high peaks with large fir forests and lush vegetation. An unspoiled land, little known, full of surprises, truly enchanting. On the eastern coast it is washed by the gulf of Argos and the Mirtoo Sea where it has curved fantastic bays and peninsulas on the coastline. Whoever roams through Arcadia today will get to know a part of the country that has remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years. The home town of the development, Leonidio, is one of the oldest naval cities in Greece. The valley of Leonidio in ancient times was known as the “Garden of Dionysus” a fact that connects the worship of god Dionysus with the cultivation of vineyards. The new town was founded in 1826, after the destruction of the city of Prastos by the Ottoman Empire. Leonidio boasts for its special and globally protected type of eggplant (the Tsakonian) which also donates its name to the local Eggplant Festival – Melitzazz.


300 m from the seashore

500 m from Poulithra village

4 km from Leonidio

225 km (2 ½ hour drive) from Athens

40 min helicopter flight from Athens Airport

2 ½ hour boat ride from the ports of Attica

3 already built houses
3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms each
Private or shared swimming pools
Splendid views
Existing approvals and infrastructure
115 m2
Panoramic View
Swimming Pool